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Joanne Robinson who seemed to enjoy reading our summer diary, suggested, “Why don’t you write a book?” When the big C came visiting it seemed like the appropriate time to do just that, else it probably would not happen. The Missus being supportive in her own right wanted to know who would want to read this stuff anyway! But gave me the “Get out of jail free card” knowing full well it would keep me out from under foot. Amanda Biehn and Eric Stucker were indispensable as regards things of a computer nature, i.e. inserting pictures, score cards, maps, slide show, making the material fit, things beyond the scope of my skill set. Mary Willenborg breathed life into this thing on my bucket list which otherwise would be relegated to the obligatory photo album show. Anney Banales of the Evan –Moor Educational Publisher was instrumental in giving me the go ahead to use their maps so the trips would have some recognizable format instead of just a conglomeration of golf courses.

And if by some chance I have inadvertently infringed on someone’s copyright, registration or other property, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will remove it immediately.

The pictures in the slideshow, which was put together by my granddaughter Amanda Biehn, were included with the grateful permission of the following.

Aliva Beach-Katie Manley; Bass River-Becky White; Brentwood-Matt Barrett; Cabinet View-Jeff Dooley; Coronado-Jeannine Vuniga; Fram Nek-Tim Sweet; Graeagle –Cindy Harvey; Grand Lake-Ted Roberts; Great Southern-Ellis Hill; Indian Trails-Rodd Raborn; Inn or the Mountain Gods-Little Spotted Horse; Kennebunk-Kirk Kimball; Leavenworth-David;Minnewaska-Scott McDonald: Morro Bay-Michael Samaniego; Peninsula-Jason Daubner; Rollingstone-Mike Dunlop; Salmon Run-Nathan Hanscom.

Thank you all!
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